Siemens Avanto Body Matrix Coils: Function, Failure, Replacement

If your MRI scanner is a Siemens Avanto TIM system, your Body Matrix coil is a staple for cardiac studies, pulmonary studies, and anterior orthopedic concerns from collarbones to false ribs. It's also a part that is frequently requested through our Parts Team. This is why we've compiled more info for all of you on the Avanto Body Matrix coil below.

If you need an Avanto Body Matrix coil now, you can skip to the bottom for the manufacturer part number and current average pricing. If you're a bit of an MRI nerd, like we are, stick around to learn more about how how this technology works.

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Avanto body matrix coil details


Like all Matrix coils, the Avanto Body Matrix coil is used exclusively with Siemens' Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) technology. TIM tech and Matrix coils are an extension of what Siemens used to call iPAT, introduced originally on their Symphony line. The benefit of this technology is that a user can string multiple coils together and perform a study without having to move or re-scan the patient. For instance, you can scan a head and spine in the same pass using both coils and combining elements from both.

Because of this daisy-chain capability, Matrix coils transcend typical labels like "8-channel" or "16-channel". They aren’t necessarily limited to that. If you’re working on an 18-channel system, you can combine Matrix coils to get 18-channel capability (or whatever the limit is on the system’s RF). Essentially, the coil capability is fluid with whatever the RF amp capability is, so long as the coil is a Matrix coil.  All that said, Matrix coil technology is a good way to save time, improve throughput, and maximize patient comfort. 


Your Body Matrix coil is designed to be flexible and accommodate a range of body types among patients. Because of this, it will bend in the same spots, over and over, and eventually see the material begin to break down. If you've been operating an MRI scanner for any length of time you've probably already seen this type of wear developing on some of your coils.

Worn out material on flexible MRI coils can complicate proper fastening or cause discomfort to patients. It also just looks bad. Worse than this, some coil damage can actually be hazardous: the RF elements on the coil are covered in a foam layer. If there is a tear in the foam and an element is exposed, it can cause RF burning on a patient's skin.


Replacement Body Matrix coils for the Avanto are relatively easy to find on the secondary market because they can be repaired. This also means that there are savings to be had if you send in your damaged Body Matrix coil on exchange. When you contact your parts provider, be sure to reference the manufacturer part number below. You can also expect to pay somewhere between the ballpark numbers below.

Part number: 7579555

Current Average Price: $5,500 - $7,500 on exchange, $14,000 - $18,000 outright

The Takeaway

When the flexing, pressure, and friction of everyday use have your Avanto's Body Matrix coil tearing, the time has come to reach out to a parts supplier like Block Imaging and get a freshly repaired one on its way to your site. And remember- trading in your damaged coil on exchange is a great way to get your replacement for less.

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