Replacing Your OEC 9800 Skin Spacer

Given the mobile nature of a C-arm, it's bound to happen at least once in a system's life: the skin spacer gets left behind somewhere and is never seen again. Or maybe it takes a fall and cracks. Or maybe the seal wears out and the spacer won't stay in place. Whatever the case, this simple acrylic accessory isn't invincible and replacements are a common request fielded by our Parts Team.

Below you'll find the vital details on ordering your replacement, including manufacturer part number and current average pricing. If using the skin spacer is a rarity at your facility, we'll also let you know why it's still important that you have one.

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C-Arm Skin Spacer Details

Yes, You Need It

If your facility typically scans patients on a table, it won't be necessary for you to use a skin spacer on the majority of your cases. This practical reality leads some users who break or misplace their skin spacer to think there's no reason for them to replace it. In the United States, however, if a scan you're doing doesn't put a table or bed between the patient and the X-ray tube, federal regulations state that you should have a skin spacer on your C-arm. It is also required by federal law that a skin spacer accompany the system for a physicist inspection. These regulations are true for both mini and full-size C-arms. As both a safety measure and a matter of compliance with the law, we recommend keeping a functional skin spacer on the shelf of your C-arm's monitor cart at all times.

The Details

If your skin spacer has cracked or shattered, or if the rubber seal has worn, causing the spacer to fall off the collimator cover during C-arm movements, it's time to replace it. Fortunately, skin spacers are common stock among parts providers and are relatively inexpensive (see current average price below). Be sure to reference the part number below as well when you order a new spacer for your OEC 9800.

Part Number: 00-837201-01

Current Average Price: around $300 new

The Takeaway

Whether you use it once a year or ten times a day, if you operate a C-arm in the U.S., you need to have a skin spacer nearby to be compliant with regulations. If your skin spacer is lost or broken, we're ready to help you get your replacement on the way. Use the button below to contact our team and tell us your needs.

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