Hologic Dimensions: Bridging the 3D Mammography Gap

3D tomo mammography hasn't been FDA-approved for very long (about 10 years). Because of this, the technology hasn't been financially accessible to many lower-volume imaging facilities. Now, with Hologic's "gap" product, the upgradeable Dimensions 2D, becoming common on the secondary market, the scene has changed.

Below, we'll give you some background on Dimensions 3D tomo products and how you can move from 2D to 3D digital mammography more affordably.

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Hologic Dimensions: Bridging the 3D Mammography Gap

Early 3D Tomography

In 2009, Hologic released their second generation of digital mammography systems, the Dimensions 2D upgradeable unit. This served as a gap product while the industry waited for FDA approval of 3D tomo technology. When approval was granted in 2011, Dimensions with built-in 3D tomo began to roll off the lines as well as a 3D tomo field upgrade to existing systems. Most facilities that purchased the Dimensions 2D upgraded their systems soon after. Others upgraded when they could justify the cost of the upgrade (over $100K). Still others could never justify the expense and never upgraded.

3D Tomo Now

Here in 2021, 2D upgradeable and early 3D units have grown in availability on the secondary market as higher-budget facilities begin their upgrade cycles for the latest equipment. There is also more competition on the 3D tomo market coming from Siemens, Fuji, and GE. Because of this, facilities that were not early adopters can snatch up 2D upgradeable systems, 2D upgraded systems, and factory-born 3D systems at lower prices.

The Takeaway

Now that used and refurbished Hologic Dimensions systems are available, you can move into the world of 3D mammography at multiple price tiers: immediately, with an upgraded unit, or as you are able, with a 3D tomo field upgrade.

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