Gadox vs. Cesium: DR Panel Comparison

Inside every digital radiography (DR) detector panel is a layer of material called the scintillator. Right now, there are two main chemical compounds being used as scintillators in the manufacture of these panels: gadolinium oxysulfide (Gadox, for short) and cesium iodide (CsI).

Both of these materials are approved for use in diagnostic X-ray, and both of them are readily available in the DR marketplace. So, how does an imaging facility choose between a DR panel with Gadox and one with CsI?

The following are the most significant differences in purchasing and using a Gadox DR panel vs. a CsI panel.

Gadox DR Panels and Cesium DR Panels

Radiation Dose

Capturing an image with a CsI panel requires a radiation dose approximately 10% lower than capturing an image with Gadox. While this certainly doesn't mean that using a Gadox panel is tantamount to cooking your patients- a lower dose is a lower dose and, therefore, advantageous.

Image Quality

CsI panels also have slightly better image quality than Gadox panels. When we say "slightly", we mean it. To the untrained eye, the difference is almost imperceptible but, once again, advantage: CsI.

Purchase Price

This is a category where Gadox panels come out on top. Currently, Gadox panels cost around 20-30% less than CsI panels. This can, of course, be attributed to its disadvantages in other areas.

The Takeaway

So, the score is CsI:2, Gadox:1. We have a clear winner, right? In terms of technical performance, yes. Patients will receive a lower dose and doctors will have a slightly higher image quality to work with. However, this doesn't mean that facilities who need to be more budget-conscious won't be able to serve their patients well with a Gadox panel.

Ultimately, the perks of choosing CsI must be weighed against budgetary constraints on a site-by-site basis. If you can swing it- CsI is better, if only a little. If you can't swing it, Gadox can bring your facility into direct digital imaging more affordably.

In either case, Block Imaging's X-ray Product Specialists are ready to help. Contact us if you have any other questions or concerns about your DR panel purchase. 

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