Siemens Straton CT Tubes Clarified

With four variations on the market and only partial interchangeability among them, the Straton X-ray tube series for Siemens CT scanners has a tendency to cause some confusion among users. The brief video clip below will tell you which type of Straton tube is meant to be used with which type of Siemens CT, as well as an important tip for buying and installing a used Straton tube on your system.

The video clip covers the full line of Siemens Straton CT tubes, including:

Straton CT Tube Types Clarified:

The Takeaway

While Straton CT tubes do have a couple of aspects that can make them confusing, there is good news: Straton tubes are relatively easy to find and there are plenty of third-party parts and service vendors that can provide any of the four types, as well as engineers to install them for you.

If you have an immediate need for a Straton tube, you can use the links above to request the type you need from our inventory. If you need help with other Siemens CT parts, our team is ready to assist. Use the button below to tell us what you need and we'll get back to you ASAP with pricing and availability.

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