Toshiba X-ray Tube Comparison: CXB-750C vs CXB-750D

The medical equipment industry is its own world, with its own language. Unfortunately, that language is one that is constantly evolving, number by number and letter by letter as the OEMs crank out a never-ending stream of “new and improved” parts and systems.

Among the companies proffering frequent revisions is Toshiba and over the years we’ve fielded plenty of questions about their CXB family of X-ray tubes. Based on these inquiries, we figured it was about time somebody explained the difference between their most recent revisions: the CXB-750D/3A, the CXB-750D/4A, and the older CXB-750C. And, if you need to check on compatibility, check here to find out!

Toshiba CXB 750C vs. 750D Series: Tube Housings

The primary difference between the CXB-750C and both varieties of CXB-750D mentioned above is the reinforced tube housing. In 2004, Toshiba released a faster rotation option for their 32 and 64-slice CTs. With rotation now increased to .4 seconds, a stronger tube was needed to handle the centrifugal force of the additional speed.

You’ll find that 32 and 64-slice CTs manufactured from that time period can still use CXB-750C tubes as long as the gantry is not equipped with the .4 second rotation option. This option is generally used for cardiac scanning and isn’t always necessary for other specialties. And, while we’re on the topic of compatibility, it’s also worth noting that CXB-750D series tubes can be used with all Toshiba CT models that currently use the CXB-750C.

750D/3A vs. 750D/4A: .35 Second Rotation

Within the 750D series you will see 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A versions. Revisions 3A and 4A were released with newer 32 and 64-slice scanners after the switch was made to using Spellman generators instead of the older SRU. With the new generator came an even faster rotation speed of .35 seconds which, of course, necessitated another revision of the X-ray tube. Both the 3A and 4A are compatible with these faster systems.

Have A Toshiba CT?

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