Angela Balzer

Mobile Project Support

Hello, I'm Angela and I joined Block Imaging in 2022. I coordinate our Mobile MRI and CT fleet. I manage the purchases, rentals, preventative maintenance, and service of as many as 20 mobiles across the United States. I have never seen a company that is more passionate about their people. Even though our jobs can be stressful at times, Block goes above and beyond to make us feel at home when we are in the office. They allow us to coordinate a healthy work/life balance. Our social events like the chili cook-off, movie nights, and cookie decorating contests would make any Instagram Influencer envious!

My family and I love to go camping, kayaking and hiking. We try to do Family Trivia and game night a couple times a week.  I enjoy gardening and spending time on our patio out by the pool in the summer. My husband is an avid wood worker and I challenge myself  by refurbishing our camper.