Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark is a Returns Coordinator on the Block Imaging Parts Team. He loves supporting customers during part returns and core exchanges. Outside work, Jordan enjoys being outdoors with his family, supporting University of Michigan football, and snacking on the occasional Kit Kat.

How to Change Batteries on an OEC 9800 or 9900 C-Arm

As anyone who owns a cellphone can tell you: batteries don't last forever! Even rechargeable batteries, like the ones in an OEC 9800 or 9900 C-arm, have a shelf life that will one day run out and leave a device powerless.

Fortunately, these batteries generally last quite a while. On top of this, the system will warn you that it's not charging correctly with a "charger fail" error message on the C-arm's readout. However, if your site's number has come up and your batteries have bitten the dust altogether, we've got a video that just might be some news you can use.

Watch the video below to learn how to change the batteries on an OEC 9800 or 9900 C-arm. Please note: the procedures demonstrated in this video should be performed by engineering or biomedical personnel.

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