James Porchik

James Porchik is the Field Service Engineer Manager at Block Imaging. James enjoys the growth aspect that comes in the engineering field – growth in relationships, growth in knowledge, and growth in capacity. When he is not turning the wrench, James enjoys martial arts, hiking, and listening to podcasts.

Correcting CT Scanner Streak Artifacts

Is there streak artifacts in in your CT scans?

Streak artifacts can be reduced using newer reconstruction techniques or metal artifact reduction software.

A radiologist can also try scanning at a higher kV to get a harder X-ray beam and thus, fewer beam hardening artifacts. However, there is a tradeoff in that the higher kV will reduce the tissue contrast of the scan2

Clearing the OEC 9800 Overload Fault Error

Looking for a way to rid your OEC 9800 of a pesky “overload fault” error? You’ve come to the right...