Garth Immelman

Garth Immelman is a Parts Customer Service Representative Team Lead at Block Imaging. He views every day as an opportunity to grow in his role, supplying the industry with and educating it about the parts that keep their equipment going. Outside of work Garth enjoys spending time with his wife, finding ways to make huge bonfires, and traveling to Traverse City, MI.

Jarrell IG vs. Westville IG for GE CT Scanners

The image generator (IG) module on your GE CT scanner is a vital part of the image reconstruction chain that comes in two varieties: the Jarrell and the Westville. As your IG works, helping to render CT images, it generates a substantial amount of heat. The result- eventually you'll need to replace it. 

When the time comes for replacement, there are some details that will be helpful for you to know, namely, the cost to replace your IG, signs it may be on its way out, and whether you need a Jarrell or a Westville variety. We'll break down each of these details below so you can be prepared when your IG's time eventually comes.

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