Clay Selby

Hello, I'm Clay, and I joined Block Imaging in 2021. I enjoy learning something new everyday about our industry and our customers. Block has an incredible work environment that fosters innovation and allows us to create unique solutions for our customers. Outside of work I love playing and watching sports, collect watches and drink craft coffee.

Why hospitals keep choosing R/F rooms despite the upfront investment

X-ray rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the largest types is the R/F (radiographic fluoroscopy) room. Like two other modalities, C-arms and cath labs, R/F rooms use fluoroscopy, a common type of study used in imaging equipment that allows a physician to see a real-time video of the anatomy being imaged.

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X-ray equipment is the most often used imaging equipment in the world behind ultrasound.


What size room do I need for a fixed X-ray system?

One of the most common questions we are asked when opening a new practice is, “What size room do I...

Stationary vs. Rotating Anodes: Which Is Right for You?

The anode is a cornerstone of X-ray tube technology.