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GE Precision RXi R/F Room

GE Precision RXi R/F Room

RXi Version E:
50kW Generator
512k x 512k Image Chain
90/30 Table
9” ii
Analog Imaging Chain

RXi 23A / 32A:
65kW Generator
Elevating 90/90 or Non-Elevating 90/30 table
9” ii with 512k x 512k Imaging Chain OR 12” ii with 1k x 1k Imaging Chain
Analog Imaging Chain

RXi Digital:
65 or 80kW Generator
Elevating 90/90 OR Non- Elevating 90/30 Table
1k x 1k Imaging Chain 12” or 16”ii
Digital Imaging Chain
Vascular Package (Optional)
DSA (Optional)

2 Monitors
Iris Collimator
Console with Joystick
Non-Tilting Wallstand
Remote Foot Pedal
Overhead Tube

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