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GE Mac-Lab - Windows 7

GE Mac-Lab - Windows 7

Hemodynamic Recording System
HP Workstation including keyboard and mouse
Windows 7 operating system
Integrated Electronics Box
Color display monitors
Laser Printer
Tram Rac 4A Housing
Multiparameter Module
- ECG – 12 lead with ST Segment Analysis
- Cardiac Output – Thermodilution, calculated and estimated Fick
- Invasive Pressure – 4 channels with means (-98 to 350mm / Hg range)
- Non-Invasive Pressure – Automatic and manual modes (oscillometric)
- Pulse Oximetry – Saturation range 0-100% (accuracy 90-100%, 1.5%)
Cables Included:
- SPO2 cable and sensor (1)
- External Blood Pressure cable and Adult Cuff (1)
- ECG/EKG Trunk cable and leads (1)
Transducer Cable and Transducers (IBP), Cardiac output Cable and Probes, and Catheters not provided. Cardiac Cable available upon request at an additional cost.

* If the Maclab is being installed on an existing Cath Lab, buyer is responsible for running the necessary cabling in the conduit or trough prior to our arrival for installation. Guidance regarding how to run the necessary cabling will be provided by Block Imaging Project Management

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