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GE Advantx LCA Single Plane Plus Cath & Angio

GE Advantx LCA Single Plane Plus Cath & Angio

Advantx Omega Table
The Omega Table is a Motorized Dedicated Vascular Unit
Easy Positioning of the Patient
+/-180 Degree Rotation Allowing Fingertip to Fingertip Imaging without Moving the Patient on the Tabletop
Provided Easy Access to the Patient for Transfer or Emergency Situations
Power Assist for Easy Longitudinal Movement of Heavy Patients
Elevating for Variable Working Heights (78cmto 108cm)
Full Coverage of 6 Foot 4 Inch Patient
Mechanical Float for Complete Flexibility in Patient Positioning
Carbon Fiber Tabletop Construction Provides Maximum Rigidity with Low Absorption and Scatter
Table Panning Handle Provides an Ergonomic Way of Manual 4-Way Float Table Panning Control
The MX-150 Water-Cooled X-Ray Tube with Coincident 1.2, 0.6, and 0.3b Focal Spots and Grid Controlled Pulsed Fluoroscopy Provides Excellent Angiographic Imaging Capabilities
Tube: 1/75 MHU Anode Heat Capacity Along with the 729 KHU/Min Anode Heat Dissipation Rate Minimizes the Need for Heat-Cooling Delays
Tube Cooling via a Closed Loop Remote Water Chiller
150mm Diameter Graphite Anode
Provides Coverage of a 40cm Image Receptor
40cm Image Intensifier with a High Detection Efficiency (65% DQE)
Provides Excellent Image Quality at a Low Dose
DLX3 512 Digital System
Edge Enhancement Filter
Noise Reduction Filter
Ceiling Suspended High Resolution Monitors
Single Plane

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