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Viztek Straight Arm System

Viztek Straight Arm System

Straight Arm Movements:
Motorized variable SID distance, adjustable between 39.4 to 70.9 inches
Swivel arm range of rotation: 135 degrees with detents on 30,0,90,120 degrees
Swivel arm motorized vertical movement: 39 inches
Minimum floor to detector center distance: 27.6'
Detector Angulations: 45/-45 degrees
Manual collimator with 6 pair of blades
Accessory rails (cones, filters, etc)
Field light lamp (light of the lamp 160lux)
Light indicator for alignment with the bucky with lamp timing
Retractable measuring tape
Low Speed Starter(3000 RPM)for one X-Ray tube:
Starter for anode rotation of one x-ray tube of equal or different impedance
Rotation control of the anode at low speed:3.000 R.P.M.(60Hz) 10.000 R.P.M(180Hz) in function of the selected power
Anode Rotation Brake control
Time delay of the brake in function of the sequence of exposure selected
High Tension Cables (2)9 meters Ultra Flexible High Tension Cables
SHF415 Single Phase 40kW Generator Features:
High Frequency 25KHz,1 tube operation
Microprocessor controlled with auto diagnostic and error code indication for easy maintenance
Single phase 220/240 VAC(specify prior to order)
Output power: 500mA @80 kVp, 400mA @100 kVp, 320mA @125 kVp,500mA @150 kVp
Automatic line compensation /-10%
X-ray tube overload protection
X-ray tube H.U. available indication and continuous monitoring for x-ray tube protection
Control of x-ray tube number of exposures
Hand switch for preparation and exposure control
Light and sound indication for x-ray exposure
kVp Radiographic range, from 40 to 150 kVp in 1 kVp step
mA Radiographic range from 10 to 500mA in 18 step,
mAs range from 0.1 to 500 mAs in 38 steps
Exposure time range from 1 ms to 10 seconds,41 Time Station
X-Ray Tube, Toshiba Model E7884X
Maximum Tension,150 kVp
Focus sizes: Small focus 0.6 mm (0.023) Large focus 1.2 mm (0.047)
Maximum power: Small focus 20 KW Large focus 50 KW
Maximum Current Small focus 290 mA Large focus 800 mA
Anode degree target angle 12 degrees
Anode heat capacity 300,000 HU
Anode rotation 2,700/3,200 RPM
Anode composition Rhenium,Tungsten and face Molybdenum
Anode diameter 2.9
Filtration equivalent 0.7AL
Adaptation Kit for Ultra 17x17 Flat Panel Detector
In-room rack
Workstation power supply
FDP power supply with special control
Generator Interface Board

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