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Dynarad Portable X-Ray

Dynarad Portable X-Ray

Electrical Specifications
Generator Type: High frequency inverter, 1.25 kilowatt output.
kVp Range: 50-100 kVp continuously adjustable, with 1 kVp resolution.
mA Range: Fixed, 12.5 mA, constant independent of kVp or time settings.
Exposure Time: 0.01 to 4.0 seconds in 96 increments.
Indicators: Ready, x-ray on, digital display of kVp, mAs and time.
Exposure Switch: Detachable hand switch, two position, prep and expose.
X-Ray Tube: Stationary anode, 100 kVp.
Filtration: 2.7 mm of aluminum at 100 kVp(min.).
Target Material: Tungsten
Anode Capacity: 25,000 heat storage capacity.
Focal Spot: 1.0 mm (NEMA). Beam Angle: 15° C
Collimator: Certified manual
Lamp Source: 30 second timer
Tape Measure: For SID distance
Inclinometer: For angle measurement
Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC, 50 Hz. or 60 Hz., or 230 VAC, 50 Hz. or 60 Hz.

Mechanical Specifications
Maximum Focal Spot to Floor: 78 ˝ (198 cm)
Minimum Focal spot to Floor: 15˝ (38 cm)
Horizontal Extension of Focal Spot: 21˝ (53 cm)
Rotation About Horizontal Axis: 360°
Rotation About Tube Axis: 270°

System Dimensions *with front leg folded
Horizontal storage position 25˝W, 52˝L, 27˝H (64 x 132 x 69 cm).
Vertical storage position 52˝H, 25˝W, 27˝L (132 x 64 x 69 cm).

System Weight
Total System Net Weight 95 lbs. (43.2 kg)

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