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Americomp MDS-2 Rad Room

Americomp MDS-2 Rad Room

Spectra 30 HF AP High Frequency Generator
30 kW Power Rating
20 kHz High Frequency Technology
Technique Selection: Anatomical Programming and mAs, kVp
kVp Range: 40-125, 1 kV Steps
mA Range: 50-300, Six Stations
mAs Range:0.5-400
Microprocessor Controlled
Digital Display of mAs, mA and kVp
Built-in Tube Protect System
UL Classified
Includes 13 ft. Line Cable
lncludes Service Manual
lncludes 50 ft. Operator Console Cables
Operates from 230-250 VAC Single Phase Electrical Service

Four-way Float Table
84 in. x 30 in. Floating Table Top
400 lb. Rated
+/-5 in. Transverse, 32 in. Longitudinal Travel
17 in. x 17 in. Grid Cabinet with 22 in. Travel
8:1, 103 LPI Grid
Heavy-Duty Cassette Tray

Floor-to wall or Ceiling Tubestand with 8 ft. Rails
23 in. Tubearm
Electric Locks
Angulating Tubemount, Dial Indicator and Operator Handgrips

Wallstand Package
Floor-to-wall Counterbalanced Column
Electric Locks
17 in. x 17 in. Grid Cabinet with Front Panel
8:1, 103 LPI Grid
Heavy-duty Cassette Tray

X-ray Tube
1.0-2.0 mm Focal Spot, 140 KHU, 180 Degree Housing

Certified, Manual Light Field Collimator
125 kVp Rated

20 ft. High Voltage Cables with Federal Terminations

Manufacturer's Warranty
One Year Parts Warranty: X-ray system Including X-Ray Tube

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