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CR 10-X Digitizer
SE + NX HP rp5800 PC with Dual 1TB HDD in RAID1 Configuration
CR Standard HP Monitor 19" LED / 1280 x 1024
Two (2) 14 X 17 MD 1.0 Cassette Plate Sets
Data Acquisition: 20 bits/pixel
Output to Processor: 16 bits/pixel
Dimensions: 22.83” W x 27.56” D x 18.54” H
Weight: 63 lbs.
34 pph

MUSICA II GenRad Image Processing
SE 2.0 Starter License for NX
SE 2.0 User GenRad for NX
NX for SE 2.0 GenRad
NX Optiview

Disaster Recovery Service (DATALINK is included on all Systems)
All systems are provided with a One Year 250GB (Approx. 24,000 14x17 Images or Approx. 8,000 Studies), Data Archive Service Plan with Automated and Monitored Backup to a Fully Managed HIPAA Compliant Disaster Recovery Service and includes a Licensed Datalink Bridge.

Includes a five (5) user Web Server License and one (1) year warranty and remote support.

Note: System does not include CAT-5 between acquisition workstation and the network connection.

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