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Pearl 1012 Digital Mammo Retrofit

Pearl 1012 Digital Mammo Retrofit

Pearl DR Digital Mammo Retrofit Solution

• Compatible with all mammography units currently .
• Image quality that parallels high-end FFDM systems.
• More efficient and economical than using film or CR.

Conversion Layer – Direct Deposition Csl
Pixel Pitch – 76um
Resolution – 3,072 x 3,840
MTF – 65 @ 3 lp/mm
Preview Time – 2 sec
Cycle Time 10-12 sec
Data Interface – Giga Ethernet
AEC Sensing – System Compatible AEC
Chest Wall Distance 1.2kg (Detector Only)
Overall Dimension – 253.7 x 327.5 x 14.2mm
Imaging Processing – TRUVIEW® ART
Dell Precision
Intel I7 Processor
8GB of RAM
Windows 7 64bit
22 inch Touch Screen Display 1920x1080
Truview AccuVue Mammography Software

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