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Hologic Multicare Platinum Stereotactic Biopsy Mammography

Hologic Multicare Platinum Stereotactic Biopsy Mammography

Undertable C-Arm Assembly Total Access – 360° C-Arm rotation angle
Independent Vertical C-Arm Motion – 8 inches
Work Area Light - 2 adjustable halogen lamps on C-Arm
Motorized & Manual Compression Modes
Needle Gun Holder
X-Ray Generator
Constant Potential High Frequency, Inverter Type
Generator Control Unit - Handheld Controller w/LCD Screen
Molybdenum, Rotating X-Ray Tube
Focal Spot Size – 0.25 mm square, nominal
DSM System
Digital Image Detector
DSM Camera – CCD sensor coupled to high efficiency lens
Processing Station
Monitor - LCD Flat Panel
Standard Accessories
Compression Paddles
Operator & Service Manuals

NOTE: X-Ray shield not supplied with this product. Customer is responsible to
provide shielding in accordance with their state regulatory agency.

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