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Zack Mitchell
Director of Mobile Imaging Solutions


I am Zack Mitchell: Husband to a superhero, Kari (she is a rock), father to Jules (a surge of curiosity who loves people; all people, all the time), and father to Butch (a windstorm of energy who will play for the Cubs one day).

Because a mobile imaging event is typically a beginning or transition, we see this time as an opportunity to participate in creating new momentum for incredible healthcare. The hope I have for Block Mobile Imaging is that, in these momentum-building partnerships, we can act exactly how we would like to be acted upon; that the service and support our customers experience will create stories that are bigger than a transaction.   

Things Zack likes:

  • Anything with gluten or carbs
  • The color yellow
  • Chicago Cubs baseball
  • Thinking/cleverness
  • The movie “Fight Club”
  • Mowing the lawn

Fun "Zacts":

  • “Men in Black” is the scariest movie I've ever seen
  • My Italian heritage gives me the perfect excuse to cry often
  • I believe brain freeze is the most pain a human male can incur.
  • I despise being alone
Zack Mitchell

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