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Tony Baggett
Product Manager - X-ray


I’m happy to say I have found a home here at Block Imaging. I can honestly say with the jobs I've had in the past, this is the place where "People Matter". At Block Imaging, I get to see the “People Matter” motto in action from start to finish. In the engineering department, we remove the system from a site, bring it back to our facility, refurbish it, stage it, and ship it to another site for reinstallation. Being able to work from start to finish allows me to take pride in the quality product Block Imaging offers to its customers. Keep in mind the whole time this process is going on we are also providing great customer service through each and every step. That being said, I tend to be a very open person who can have a conversation with just about anyone, so if I happen to be visiting your site feel free to say hi.


Fun Facts About Me:

  • I love to hunt, fish, and watch football. The best part about all three is I get to do them with my 12 year old son, Austin

  • I have two dogs, a Pug named Karma and a Lab named Diesel

  • My amazing wife Beckie and I love camping, traveling, and spending time with our friends and family


If you have any other question feel free to ask me if I’m in your neck of the woods. 

Tony Baggett


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