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Tim Totten
Component Repair Technician


What I do here:

My end goal is to ensure that high quality parts go out the door to you. At the direction of our VP for Parts Operations, I delve extremely deeply into the technical aspects of the part in question - circuit boards, cameras, consoles, workstations, image processors, xray detectors, even CRT monitors - to test and repair them down to the "Component" level. Much time is spent developing test procedures and setting up test jigs and test stations, working as a team with our very competent Engineers. As defective components are identified, I then scour the globe to find just the right integrated circuit, complete circuit board, software, or other specialized component. Components are replaced (some desoldered & resoldered), settings reprogrammed, realignments made, software reloaded - and then it goes through various levels of system functional testing.

I am also Block Imaging's in-house Electrical/Electronics Engineer, a go-to for things ranging from cable repairs, electronics analysis, firmware reprogramming, and system compatibilty issues.

I can't say enough about how I appreciate the leadership, people, and culture of Block Imaging - not only do People Matter, but the family matters a great deal as well.

A bit about myself:

I'm married thirteen years to my wonderful wife, Melody, and we have two precious girls who are truly gifts from God - in 2nd and 6th grades. I spend all of my free time with them - we love riding bicycles, are very involved with our church, and partake of just about every kid-friendly activity available - they'll probably one day surpass me in the black diamond downhill skiing that I used to do in my glory days. I also mentor an elementary school child.

From the beginning...

While growing up, I was blessed by being raised on watching very little television. One of my grandmas never owned a TV.

That being said, in Middle School I completed a home study course on TV & Radio Repair - it was three tomes on vacuum tube technology, with a few pages devoted to the (earlier written) emerging transistor. I remember the section on good business practices, including the cobwebs on a liquor bottle. I repaired a few, made a few bucks, and started my career into electronics, attempting my own design of a TV Video Switcher using Radio Shack hobbyist parts and books. I can honestly say that the fundamentals taught in that course about TV cameras, video, and displays has served me well in my current medical imaging work - in modalities like C-arms that use a camera behind an Image Intensifier.

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate of Michigan Technological University. I still think that Tech is a better engineering school than U of M, and I know that MSU and U of M can't hold a candle to my Huskies hockey team.

My previous glory days were as an Electrical Design Engineer with Texas Instruments in Dallas. I designed, built, and hands-on tested circuit boards for a massive real-time supercomputer project, and for a color laser printer project that used TI's Deformable Mirror Device. While there, I went on downhill ski trips with the 20,000 member Texas Ski Council, and we would take over entire mountains - would you like to see my Bronze Nastar medal?

Tim Totten

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