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Steve Huizenga
Director of Accounting and Finance


I’m just a regular guy that happens to like all things numbers, football, music, and travel. As for things I love? That would be my amazing wife and children.

I could write a long paragraph about who I am, but I figured it would best to get to know me the old fashion way -- by playing desert island. Below is who I am in a nutshell, as explained by desert island answers.

Desert Island Questions

Which Movie Trilogy would you bring on the island? The Lord of the Rings

What food would the island serve? Manicotti

What beverage would be on this island? Pepsi

What TV show would be this island?  Lost (Ironic, I know)

What album would be on this island? The Joshua Tree, U2

The island somehow has one full services store, what is it?  Best Buy

What season does your island most replicate?  Summer

Would your island have a dog or a cat companion?  A dog

Daily comic strip provided by?  Foxtrot

Late night show? Jimmy Fallon


Lastly, in order to a true picture of what the life of an accountant is like, I have included a graph below which best explains how each month progresses. 


Steve Huizenga

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