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Sara Condra
Product Specialist


Hi! Welcome to Block Imaging's site - and thank you for visiting my page! 

Whether you are actively working on an imaging project or just passing through, we’re glad you’re here!

It's our passion here to serve, and to serve well. Because we know that the equipment we provide, matters. Your team, matters. Your patients, matter. YOU matter!

I truly believe I have found home at Block Imaging -- my job is equipment, but my heart is in service. The motto “People Matter” is not just a catch phrase on our website; it is a way of life that is instilled, and carried out in the hearts and lives of all team members.

I believe in earning the right to be heard, and that truth & trust are at the heart of any fundamental relationship. I am here to consult and lock arms to find the best solution to any project that comes our way. 

 Things that make my heart happy: 

  • Travel.. From the mitten to the mountains, I love experiencing all of God's beautiful creation! 
  • Servanthood -- particularly Shining Stars Foundation, Wake the World Ministries, and Special Olympics.
  • Laughing until my stomach hurts - particularly at bad dad jokes.
  • Any type of music coming out of my radio that I can sing loud and off-key. 
  • Card games, board games, sports games! 
  • Spending time on the water with those I love.

 Thanks for the opportunity to serve, I look forward to connecting with you soon! 

Sara Condra

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