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Sara Condra
Product Specialist


Hello! Welcome to the Block Imaging site and thank you for visiting my page! 

Whether you are actively working on an imaging project or just passing through, we’re glad you’re here. I started here at Block Imaging in the marketing department. Transitioning from marketing to sales has allowed me to cultivate amazing relationships with both our own Block team members as well as the customers we serve, all around the country. I am a Michigan State alum (go green!) with a degree in marketing and minors in health promotion/graphic design -- but my heart is in sales and customer service. 

My ridiculous competitive edge in almost every avenue of my life has helped me get to where I am today. It helps me push myself in personal development, my career, and in my passion of competitive water skiing. I utilize my competitiveness with our partners to ensure the best solution possible.

I believe in earning the right to be heard and that truth & trust are at the heart of any fundamental relationship. I am not here to coerce or convince, but to walk side by side with you, candidly, discovering the best solution for your particular imaging needs together. 

What I love most about working here at Block is the transparency and genuinity. The motto “People Matter” is not just a catch phrase on our website; it is a way of life that is instilled in the hearts of all team members; it is truly living and breathing in the culture and atmosphere of the organization, felt as soon as you walk through the front doors.  

Things that make my heart happy: 

  • Travel.. This world is far too beautiful and I want to explore and experience first hand God’s masterpieces. My goal is to hike through every National Park in the U.S. 
  • Serving others through volunteer work: particularly with Shining Stars Foundation, Wake the World Ministries, and Special Olympics.
  • New experiences.. New people, new skills/hobbies, new adventures. 
  • Being outside.. Lakes, mountains, and sunshine make me happy :) 
  • Coffee.. At absolutely any time of the day.
  • Snow skiing, snowboarding, and anything involving a lake.
  • Laughing until my stomach hurts.
  • Classic Rock, Country, Christian.. Basically any type of music coming out of my radio that I can sing loud and off-key. 
  • Games and activities of all sorts.. Sports, card games, board games -- basically if it’s competitive, I’m in!
  • Mowing the lawn (yes, I’m that much of a nerd)
  • Spending time on the lake with family, friends, and my precious pup 

If you throw a dad joke my way, it’ll probably take me ten minutes to stop laughing. 

Thanks for the opportunity to serve, let’s start a conversation!

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Sara Condra

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