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Noah Ford
Senior Inventory Coordinator


Hi, I'm Noah! In my role as an Inventory Coordinator I prepare parts for and from all over the world, ensuring the highest quality each time.

Outside of work I like playing video games (especially ones that involve other people like Super Smash Bros., Mario Car, Jaxbox Party Pack, etc.), listening to music (especially NF, Ray Chen, and Crowder), learning about philosophy (especially listening to Jordan Peterson, Slavoj Zizek, and the Philosophize This podcast), playing Ultimate Frisbee, and lifting weights. My perfect day is being on the lake swimming, riding boats and jet skis, and enjoying food and games with family and friends. 

Some of my other favorites include: 

  • Trip: Traveling to Togo, Africa to build a Hospital
  • Season: Fall
  • Place: Lake Keowee
  • Food: Pizza
  • Book: Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis
  • Team: Green Bay Packers\
  • Sport: Soccer
  • Movie: Baby Driver
  • Color: Blue
  • Activities: DnD, Card Games, Reading, and Playing Drums
Noah Ford

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