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Nick Hirsch-Bennett
C-Arm Engineer


Hi, I'm Nick! As a C-Arm Imaging Engineer Apprentice I service, refurbish, inspect, and dance with the c-arms. My goal is to complete my work as precise and efficient as possible while maintaining my chipper attitude.

Outside of work I have the privilege of having a mother, stepfather, younger sister, and younger twin brothers. My sister and brother live in the sunny state of Florida and my other brother works in Michigan. 

I really enjoy travelling - I want to visit 3 new countries each year. Whenever I travel to a new place I always bring back two souvenirs for my mom (a coffee mug and magnet). I even have two souvenirs of my own! You'll see them in the pictures below. Some places I really want to visit are in South America: Argentina, Peru, Chile, and I'm really excited to visit Patagonia.

Some interesting random facts about me:

- Brandon Brooks is my spirit animal
- I've traveled to 10 countries for Block Imaging and 10 other unique countries for pleasure, so 20 countries combined!
- My favorite place to eat was a place called Bussia in Amsterdam because the staff was super knowledgeable. They don't even have a menu you can order from. You just tell them how many courses and they bring it right out!

Nick Hirsch-Bennett

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