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Mindy von Gunten


Hey there, I’m Mindy. 18 years ago I became the 4th overall, and 1st female, team member at Block Imaging. My husband, Brian and I were fresh from NYC. Company founder, Bruce Block interviewed me and, honestly, coming from a large Wall Street firm, I wasn’t sure how I’d like working with only 3 guys. Turns out being the queen bee was right up my alley. PLUS we soon got a kitten and Bruce told me I could bring her into the office. SCORE! The best part was when he’d pull up a chair for her during our morning meetings. And that’s how Crumpet became our official “CAT scanner” mascot. Lots of fun memories from those beginning days but, after four wonderful years, I left the company in 2003 to be a stay-home mom to our newborn son, Tristan.

In 2006 I delved into entrepreneurship with Arbonne International, a botanical health and wellness company with Swiss heritage but American-made products. I was blessed to partner with 2 of my closest family members; my cousin and sister-in-law. We joke that Arbonne is a personal development company disguised as a skin-care/nutrition company. I’ve grown so much through this incredible sisterhood as we encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves, as God created us to be, and to dream BIG dreams.

In 2007, a BIG dream was sparked in my heart to book a castle and host a women’s event in it. Living in mid-Michigan I had no idea how such a thing would unfold, but Jesus kept confirming it in my heart and I decided to believe Him for it. After 7 years of dreaming, praying, tears, and creative love notes from my King, we held a women’s retreat in Scotland, in a castle!

I couldn’t have foreseen that Block Imaging would send our family to Munich, Germany in 2012 so Brian could build relationships and grow the European business, but what an incredible adventure! Tristan was 8 and we chose total immersion into a German school. It was tough, but effective. After 5 months he was speaking and understanding German and became completely fluent, so much so that friends said they’d never guess he was American when he was speaking Deutsch. We grew to love our life in Bavaria so much that, 3.5 years later, it was with mixed emotions we moved back to Michigan.

Since returning to the United States, my family and I have resettled ourselves in mid-Michigan and I have rejoined Block Imaging as part of the Reception Team. If you come visit Block now, I'll be here to welcome you, connect you with your hosts, and do anything else I can to make your visit a good one.

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Mindy von Gunten

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