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Kyle Niznak
Inventory Coordinator


Hello! My name is Kyle and I'm one of the Inventory Coordinators at Block Imaging. It's my job to pack and get medical imaging equipment ready for shipping. I'm always looking for ways to pack systems more efficiently and safely to ensure our customers receive the best quality product.

A little about me:

- I have one cat, her name is Zelda. She is a Calico and I've had her for 7 years.
- My two main hobbies are playing video games and art - I love to draw in my free time.
- I love to travel. I have been to Puerto Rico 3 times, and would love to backpack through Europe in the future.
- I enjoy going to our family cottage and tubing behind the speed boat.
- It's on my bucket list to go skydiving.

Kyle Niznak

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