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Kim Geyer
Component Repair Technician


Hello, my name is Kim Geyer, Component Repair Technician at Block Imaging. I repair, test, and validate imaging components to help minimize the risk of part failures in the field and to give failed parts a second chance at life in fully functional imaging systems. My goal is to make our parts inventory the most reliable in the business.

A Bit More About Me:

I graduated with an associate's degree in electronics engineering from Lansing Community College back in 1983. I then went on to an approximately 30-year career at Michigan State University repairing equipment in the bio-chemistry field and later worked in the IT communication area.

I have now been in the medical imaging field for four years at Block Imaging. Learning this new area has been very interesting to me. Most of my imaging work has been as a C-arm engineer and component repair technician.

In my spare time I enjoy being out of doors golfing, fishing, and hunting. My wife and I also enjoy travel and hiking opportunities in the western Rockies and northern Michigan. I'm also an avid reader- especially of American history and biographies.


Kim  Geyer

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