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Josh Nunez
Regional Director Eurasia, Product Mgr-Molecular


A common thread in my life, in my past careers, and here at Block Imaging is I focus on my client’s success and celebrate their victories. My avid love for sports, both on and off the field, has developed focus, intensity, and tenacity which benefit my clients as I chase down the perfect piece of imaging equipment. 

As you know, buying or selling imaging equipment can be daunting. Fortunately, I like the challenge – finding a piece of equipment that matches your needs.

My youngest sons love to play “memory.” Finding a perfect piece of equipment is similar to this game. To find the perfect “match” I analyze your budget, studies you need to perform, and market timing. Now we just have to find the match that is right for you. The great thing is Block Imaging is one of few companies in the secondary market that probably owns that match.

Feel free to contact me to:

     * Find systems you need right away
     * Discuss future plans and market availability

Let’s have a conversation about which reconditioned imaging equipment solution best matches your business.  Trust me to earn your business and together we’ll celebrate your success.

…If you’ve made it this far, you either don’t have anything else to do, or you really want to know more about me. So here are some Fun Facts:

  • I have 5 awesome kids and an even “awesomer” wife of 20 years this year.
  • My wife and I both have law degrees.  Arguments are never won in our house. Just settled out of court or pled nolo contendere.
  • I am effective advocate –  My best classes in law school were Appellate Advocacy and Trial Advocacy. (This does not apply to disputes with my wife.)
  • When I graduated from law school, the charge to the graduates was to “Love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly with your God.” I try to live that.
  • I LOVE German automobiles!  If a car was made in Germany, I like it! My boys can even identify most Audi models.
  • I lived and worked in Moscow for 6 years and speak Russian.
  • I love sports (soccer, basketball, hockey) but will only run if I’m chasing something, being chased and if there is some way to score points. I do not jog. I hate P90X.
  • I spent 12 years in politics and ran for state representative in 2006. My campaign was so successful I now enjoy a career in the medical equipment industry.
  • I dabble in the art of photography.
  • I read literature voraciously, but am of the opinion that, for the most part, literature stopped being done well around 1910.
Josh Nunez

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