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Jordan Clark
Returns Coordinator


Thanks for stopping by. I have the privilege of being surrounded by an amazing team at Block Imaging. I really enjoy working with our customers to search for the parts they need. It’s a privilege to come to work each day and contribute to the success of a company that values people and relationships so much.


A little about me:

- I have been married to my awesome wife, Danielle, for 10 years.

- We have 3 amazing kids - Brooklyn, Tanner, and Kobe

- We also have 2 energetic dogs - Aspen is a yellow lab, and Jada is a German short-haired pointer.

- We enjoy living life with our church family – We are blessed to spend time with an inspiring group of people that we can trust and rely on.

- I love to spend time with my family, relaxing, and going out to eat – specifically Mexican food.

- I’m always looking for an excuse to be outside.

- I enjoy a good project – if there are power tools involved, I’m in.

- Danielle and I lived in Eugene, Oregon for 5 years – If you ever find yourself near there do yourself a favor and order the Huli Huli Chicken at Hawaiian Time.

- I shot competitive archery for many years, and would like to get back to doing that again soon.

- I am a sports junky – especially college football. I am a huge U of M fan which is not the most popular choice around here.

- I have a major sweet tooth - I love Kit Kats and typically will barter with my children for the “good candy” after Halloween.

- One of my favorite traditions is making cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning with my mom, sister, wife, and kids…

- I broke a lot of things around the house as a kid - typically with footballs, baseballs, etc… I destroyed many light bulbs, and drinking glasses, the most memorable item was a large fish tank that was in the living room of my childhood home. I was probably 7 or 8 and I thought it was a good idea to swing a baseball bat in the house. You probably can guess how this ends…I hit that fish tank dead center. This flooded the living and dining rooms and the fish had to be rescued off of the floor…If I remember correctly the fish went to live at the neighbor’s house after that, and I didn’t see that baseball bat for quite a long time.

Jordan Clark

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