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John Timotiwu
Imaging Engineer


Hi! As an Imaging Engineer, I would like to share my experiences in medical imaging systems - in field service, support, and vendor production/refurbishment. I worked for approximately 33 years on technical issues of medical systems, especially imaging systems. I am now focusing on technical issues or bottom-up rebuilds of X-ray, CT, and Nuclear/Molecular-based advanced medical imaging systems.

I live with my wonderful wife, four sons (three Eagle scouts, plus one is my lovely boy with autism), and one cute little dog.

In my time as a field service and support engineer, I went to several places around the world and experienced various foods, cultures, traditions, and day-to-day life. Working with different people (ethnicities, cultures, behaviors, and habits) and seeing different and unique places is what makes me admire this world. Seeing the differences is beautiful for me.

Working in distant places was difficult because I needed to be precise looking for the root of the problem during troubleshooting. I tried to avoid mistakes in determining what spare parts were required and sometimes ended up not needing a part. The length of repair time and spare part orders determine the level of customer satisfaction with the service and the system itself.

By the time my children started growing up, I decided to focus my work in medical imaging systems production/refurbishment at one of the vendors to be closer to my family and travel less. Here, I can learn more deeply a lot of aspects of technical problems and solutions that occur in systems compared to when I was in the field. I was also more aware of some of the technical issues and solutions that need to be considered for future improvement of a system.

I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Electrical/Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering. I love to know something new in applied technologies that can help sustainability, which is good for current and future generations. My wife and sons and I went on a lot of nature adventures during their boy scout years and I like scenery - it reminds me of its creator. My dream of having one high-efficiency vehicle has ended up with our family having four hybrid cars. I am excited to see the autonomous car release and become reality in the near future.

"Do your best, God will do the rest."

John Timotiwu

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