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Jeremy Block
SVP - Product Solutions


I’m Jeremy Block, the Senior Vice President of Product Solutions at Block Imaging. My primary role is leading the talented Product Team. Leadership is key to the success of any team. I take this part very seriously and love to learn, be challenged, and grow personally.

My goal is to make your buying or selling experience as uncomplicated as possible. I look forward to collaborating with and providing you with the equipment, parts, or services that you need.  No worries if you don’t know exactly what that is initially - we will figure it out together.

When I’m not at work, I am spending time with my wife and six kids – things stay pretty busy, as you can imagine. Sports are big around our house – I love coaching my kids’ soccer teams and enjoy watching Michigan State University football, basketball and hockey events. If I can attend a game in person, even better! I enjoy weight training and running. I am checking the “Run a Marathon” box on my bucket list this coming October! I will be running with 1,200+ others from the Hope Water Project team.

Jeremy Block

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Skype ID: jeremy.block1976

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