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Jeff Seelye
X-Ray Tube Technician


Hi, I'm Jeff. In my role at Block Imaging, I'm responsible for repairing x-ray tubes. I enjoy the challenge, and it makes every day an adventure! Fun fact: did you know x-ray tubes have to be repaired in a vacuum chamber?

A little about me:

  • I have 5 boys who are all grown, 4 of whom are married with amazing spouses. That was our goal - if we raised them well, they'd find great wives and we'd have great daughters. Mission accomplished!
  • I'm also a blacksmith and welder. I have a blacksmith page called On The Anvil Blacksmithing. Some of the photos on the page are from a local festival called Scrapfest, which I participate in with my colleague Andrew and another.
  • I also love going up on large man-made landmarks like the Mackinaw Bridge and Wynken, Blynken, and Nod (for those not familiar with Lansing, they are the three smokestacks downtown). I've been able to journey to the tallest part of our city's capital and the Boji Tower.
  • I've had the fortune to travel to some great places on mission trips: Colombia, Piragua, Panama, and Jamaica.
Jeff Seelye

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