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Gene Gross
Account Executive - Latin America


Hola, mi nombre es Gene!

I am part of the equipment team at Block Imaging and have primary responsibility for quoting and selling all modalities of imaging equipment to Latin American countries. Having experience with the Latin American market allows me to interact in a culturally sensible way with our customers throughout the region. Also, the possibility to serve our customers in their language is a barrier-breaker that helps them to interact with us and makes them to feel at ease negotiating equipment, clarifying doubts, answering questions, etc.

A little about me:

I have three kids - one daughter and two sons. Each one of my adult kids speaks at least two languages. My married daughter is planning to move to Oslo, Norway within the next year. I know my next vacation spot! 😊

I enjoy photography, road trips and reading. I’ll take pictures of nature and love to capture candid shots of people. I love to drive a bit too fast on my road trips and you will often catch me with a book in my hand when I’m at my leisure.

I love to know where things come from. As a child in boarding school, my language teacher taught me the importance of saying words correctly. He gave me the desire to know where the words originated as well as using proper pronunciation. I have kept this love of language throughout my entire life. I really enjoy reading dictionaries in many languages. My favorite dictionary is the RAE (Spanish) and my second is (of course) the Oxford (English).

Along a similar vein, I enjoy reading about history and studying maps. I will just as easily study a historical map as well as a current one. I am intrigued by the study of how people migrated, where they chose to settle and why.

In all my travels, my two favorite places have been Bora Bora, in French Polynesia and Prague, Czech Republic. I love Bora Bora for the natural beauty and Prague - I love the city! Prague is the perfect size, not too large, it boasts a wonderful historic district, and the people are so nice.

Some of my favorites:

Gene Gross

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