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GE Optima XR220 Portable X-ray [A-011545]

GE Optima XR220 Portable X-ray [A-011545]

Nominal Tube Voltage (Radiographic) 40 ~ 150 kV
Nominal Focal Spot size (IEC 60336): Large Focus: 1.2 mm; Small Focus: 0.6 mm
Anode Rotation Speed (minimal): 3200 min-1
Permanent Filtration: 0.9 mm Al/75 kV IEC60522: 1999
Maximum X-ray Tube Current: Large Focus: 500 mA; Small Focus: 200 mA
Maximum Continuous Heat Dissipation: Without Air-circulator: 170 W (238 HU/s)
Maximum anode heat units: 140 kHU
Exposure time: 4.0 msec – 6.0 sec
Capable of 100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz operation
System battery status display

Flashpad Detector
Detector battery can take up to 50 exposures per hour and provide enough power for 3 hours of use on a single charge
Single panel (non-tiled) amorphous silicon detector with a Cesium Iodide scintillator
Image area: 40.4 cm x 40.4 cm (15.9 in x15.9 in)
Active matrix: 2024 x 2024 pixels
Pixel Pitch: 200 microns
Typical upper dynamic range: 7.8mR
Typical DQE: @ 0lp/mm: 68%)
Two handgrips

Seller agrees to let buyer pick up and test Flash Pad on buyers working system to confirm full functionality of Flash Pad. Upon successful testing Block Imaging will complete purchase. If the testing fails Flash Pad will be sent back to seller and no further obligations will exist.

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