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2010 Siemens 1.5T Aera MRI [A-010109]

2010 Siemens 1.5T Aera MRI [A-010109]

OR98 Magnet, 70cm Bore, XQ Gradients, 64ch System, SEP Cabinet, MRE11 Software Options: TIM Application Suite, 3D Usage, 3D MPR, 3D MIP, 3D SSD, Argus Viewer, Worklist, Phoenix ZIP, Syngo Remote Assist, CISS & DESS, TimCT Fast View, iPAT Extensions, Motion Correction NR, Image Filter Software, MPPS, Inline 3D Distortion Correction, Fast Dixon, Liver Segmentation, MyoMaps, Q Space, 3D Distortion Correction, MDDW, Morpho Quality Control, Inline Diffusion, BLADE, TGSE, DOT Engine Basic, Auto Align Head LS, Spectroscopy SVS, MR Spectroscopy Evaluation, Composing, TIM Whole Body, Inline Perfusion, Inline Composing, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, TIM Planning Suite, SWI, TWIST, Map IT, Native, Inline VF, 2D ASL, TIMCT Oncology Suite, Autoalign Knee, Spectroscopy 3D CSI, Syngo BreVis Biopsy, Extended Cardiac, Auto Bolus Detection, Abdomen DOT Engine, Knee DOT Engine, Cardiac DOT Engine, Angio DOT Engine, TIMCT ONco DOT Engine, Neuro Perfusion Local AIF, Inline Tim Course Evaluation, 3D ASL, Spine DOT Engine, Dixon Evaluation, Histo, QISS Native Angiography, HIP DOT Engine, Shoulder DOT Engine, Auto Align Spine LS, Auto Align Spine Labeling and Numberin, AutoAlign HIP, Advanced Diffusion, Advanced WARP, TWIST Vibe, StarVibe; Coils Include: Head/Neck 20, Spine 32, Shoulder 16 Large, Shoulder 16 Small, Body 18, Flex Large, Flex Small, TIM Interface

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