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2001 GE 1.5T EXCITE HDXt MRI [A-010848]

2001 GE 1.5T EXCITE HDXt MRI [A-010848]

CXK4 Magnet,  23X Software,  8916 (HFD) Gradient Amp, RFS Cabinet, HP Z400 Computer, ACGD Plus, ARC, Asset, BloodSupp, Bravo, Breast 2, 16ch System, Cine, Cosmic 3D, DE3D, DWEPI, Dynamic R1, E3DTOF, EDWI, EPLI, FastCine, Fast Grass, fctifusn, fctimrstd, fctiser, Fiesta2D, Fiesta3D, Fiesta 3DFS, Fiesta-c, Flair EPI, FR3DFSE, FSE2, FSEXL, FTMRA, GTOF, IDeal, iDrive, iDrive Pro, Inhance 3D Flow, Inhance 2D TOF, Inhance 3D PC, Inhance IFIR, INline Viz, iProtect, Lava, Lava DE, Lava XV, Merge 2D, Merge 3D, Multiphase Variable Delays, PCVI, Propeller, Propeller DWI, Propeller Body, Propeller T2, Quckstep, RTCA, Smartprep, Special, SSFSE, SSFSEXL, Swift, T1 Breathhold, T2 Breathhold, threeplane Localizer, Tricks, Ultrashort TR ; Coils Include: 16ch HNS, 12ch Body, 8ch CTL, 8ch Cardiac, HD Knee, 8ch Foot/Ankle, 8ch Breast, 8ch Wrist, 8ch Shoulder,  GP Flex, Quad Extremity, Quad Head,

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