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GE 1.5T EXCITE HD Mobile MRI [A-013148]

GE 1.5T EXCITE HD Mobile MRI [A-013148]

GE 1.5T Signa HD 23X
16 Channel
ACGD Gradient

Housed in an E&W Mobile Trailer

Software Options: ARC, Asset, Blood Flow and Volume M, Bloodsupp, BRAVO, BREAST 2, Cine, COSMIC, Cube T2, 3D Dual Echo, Delayed Enhance, 3D Delayed Enhance, DW EPI, E3DTOF, Enhanced DWI, EPI, Fastcine, Fast Gradient Echo, Fiesta 2D, 2D Fat Sat, Fiesta Fiesta 3D, 3D Fat Sat FIESTA, FIESTA-c, FLAIR 3D, FLAIR EPI, 3DFRFSE, FSE & Flair, FSE_XL, Flouro Trig MRA, TOF, Modality Worklist, iDrive, iDrive Pro, Inhance Deltaflow, Inhance 2D Inflow, Inhance 3D Velocity, Inhance 3D Inflow IR, Lava, LAVE-DE, LAVA-XV, 2D Merge, 3DMERGE, Multi-echo fgre, Multi-Phase vari-dela, Navigator, PC & VI, fgret, Probe 2000 Upgrade, ProbePRESS, PROPELLER, DW PROPELLER, T1 Flair PROPELLER, T2 PROPELLER, T2 Flair PROPELLER, QuickSTEP, iDrive Pro Plus, fgret Real Time, Smart Prep, SPECIAL, Spectroscopy/Probe, SSFSE, SSFSE MRCP, Three Plane Loc, Time Course, TRICKS, IP Protection, 16 Channel System

Coils: HNS 16 Coil, Body Array, Cardiac Array, TR Knee, Shoulder Array, Foot/Ankle Coil, Split Head Coil


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