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2010 Siemens Mammotest Plus Prone Biopsy Table [A-008173]

2010 Siemens Mammotest Plus Prone Biopsy Table [A-008173]

- 1024 x 1024 Pixel Format with 50μ Pixels per Side
- Digitized CCD at 500 K Pixels/Second with 12-bit Contrast Resolution, 4096 Gray Scales
- 50 mm x 50 mm Imaging Area
- High Frequency Mammography X-ray Generator
- Automatic Exposure Control Configuration for Optimum Image Clarity and Sagebrush Surgical Auto Guide
- Computerized Needle Placement Device
- Touch Sensitive Screen for Parameter Selection
- Automated Polar Coordination with Depth Stop and Needle Guide Holder
- For Use with the Vacuum Drivers, Needle Localization and True-Cut Biopsy Gun Versions Using their Adapters
- MammoVision Win2K Workstation to Include:
- CD Drive Storage
- DICOM Print/Store
- Windows Based Operating System with Full DICOM Ability Including Worklist
- 18 inch Flat Screen Monitor
- Accessories Included:
- Automatic Breast Compression Foot Switch
- 2 Procedural Lights
- (4) Compression Paddles
- Phantoms for System Calibration and Testing
- Operator and Service Manuals

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