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2012 Hologic Multicare Platinum Stereotactic Biopsy Mammography [A-008876]

2012 Hologic Multicare Platinum Stereotactic Biopsy Mammography [A-008876]

Max Comfort Package
Bi-directional Elevating Table Assembly (350 lbs standing weight limit)
Undertable C-arm Assembly
Under-table Aperture Lighting
Motorized Pre-compression
Manual, Handwheel Driven Compression
Keypad or by Function Footswitch
Stereotactic Guidance System (Cartesian Coordinate System)
Constant Potential High Frequency X-ray Generator
Handheld Controller
LCD Screen, Function Keypad
X-ray Tube
DSM Camera (CCD Sensor Coupled to High Efficiency Lens)
Intensifying Screen
CCD Sensor
Processing Station
Intel Based Pentium CPU Workstation
WinXP Operating System
LCD Flat Panel 

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