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2017 Hologic 3Dimensions Clarity HD Mammography [A-013384]

2017 Hologic 3Dimensions Clarity HD Mammography [A-013384]

Hologic 3Dimensions Clarity HD
X‐Ray Tube
Acquisition Computer/Console (Win10)
Lead glass shield
Sliding Face Shield
3D Tomo License
Clarity HD License
SmartCurve License
Intelligen2D License
System License
Master License
24x29cm HD Digital Detector
Detector Mapping Disk
High Resolution Tomo (Clarity HD)
High Resolution Synthetic 2D (Intelligent 2D)
SmartCurve Breast Stabilization System
Dual Function Footswitches (2)
Standard Set of Compression Paddles
Flatfield Phantom
Backup Software

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