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2011 Philips Allura Clarity FD20 Cath & Angio [A-013822]

2011 Philips Allura Clarity FD20 Cath & Angio [A-013822]

Philips Allura Clarity FD 20 Cardiovascular Lab
Cardiovascular and Interventional Imaging Single Plane System
Ceiling Suspended Gantry
FD20 Flat Detector with 30cm x 38cm Field of View
High Output MRC 200 0407 ROT-GS 1004 X-Ray tube - DOM 4/2019
100 kW High Frequency Velara X-ray Generator
AD 7 Non-Tilting Table
>> Weight liming up to 225kg / 495lbs
Automatic kV and mA control
Overhead Monitor Suspension for 4 Standard LCD Monitors
Xper Geometry and Imaging Module Table Side Controls
Xper Module
Standard Allura XPER User Interface Package
Software Release:

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