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2013 GE Innova IGS 630 biplane Cath & Angio [A-008733]

2013 GE Innova IGS 630 biplane Cath & Angio [A-008733]

Cardiovascular and Interventional Imaging Biplane System
Completely Digital Imaging Chain
(2) 31cm Digital Flat Panel Detectors with 30 x 30cm Active Area Field of View
GE Exclusive LC Floor Positioner and LP Ceiling Positioner 3 Axis Isocentric Positioner with Floor Mounted L-Arm and offset C-arm
>> Provides Maximum Positioning Flexibility and Patient Access
(2) 100 kW High Frequency Jedi Generators with Grid Pulsed Fluoroscopy Capabilities
(2) GE Performix 160A X-Ray tubes
(2) Innova Angiographic Collimators
OMEGA V Motorized Table
>> Weight Limit up to 204kgs/450lbs
(2) Coolix 4100 Closed Loop Re-Circulation Tube Cooling Systems
(2) Detector Conditioners
Monitor Suspension for up to 8 LCD Monitors
GE Smart Box and Table Side System Control
Innova TouchScreen Unit
Standard Innova IGS User Interface Package
Installed Software Options: Cardiac & Dynamic, InnovaCentral Touch Screen, InRoom Browser, Simultaneous Sub/No Sub display, Fluoro Store, Patient Contouring, Motorized Table, Stenosis Analysis, Left Ventricle Analysis, WorkList, MPPS, Storage Commitment, DSA, Spin, Innova Chase, Bolus, StentViz, Blended Roadmap, Fast Link, Augmented Calibration
When paired with a properly equipped AW Workstation, the following options can also be utilized: Innova 3D, Sub 3D, Innova CT

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