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2009 GE Innova 4100 IQ Plus Cath & Angio [A-014039]

2009 GE Innova 4100 IQ Plus Cath & Angio [A-014039]

Cardiovascular and Interventional Imaging Single Plane System
Completely Digital Imaging Chain
41cm Digital Flat Panel Detector with 40 x 40cm Active Area Field of View
GE Exclusive LC Positioner
3 Axis Isocentric Positioner with Floor Mounted L-Arm and offset C-arm
>> Provides Maximum Positioning Flexibility and Patient Access
100 kW High Frequency Generator with Grid Pulsed Fluoroscopy Capabilities
GE Performix 160A X-Ray tube - 2011 DOM
Innova Angiographic Collimator
OMEGA V Long Motorized Table
>> Weight Limit up to 204kgs/450lbs
Coolix 4000 Closed Loop Re-Circulation Tube Cooling System
Thermo-Con Detector Conditioner
Overhead Monitor Suspension With Space for 6 Standard LCD Monitors
GE Smart Box and Table Side System Control
Innova TouchScreen Unit
Standard Innova 4100 User Interface Package
Harmony Software Level
DL8/RTAC8 Computers
Enabled Software Options: DSA, InRoom Browser, Simultaneous Sub/No Sub Display, Innova IVUS, InnovaCentral Touchscreen, Fluoro Store, Motorized Table, Fluoro UPS, Stenosis Analysis, Worklist, MPPS, Cardiac & Dynamic, Spin, Innova Chase, Bolus, InRoom SA
Additional Options Available with Properly Equipped AW Workstation: Innova 3D, Innova CT

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