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2010 GE Innova 4100 IQ Plus Cath & Angio [A-005323]

2010 GE Innova 4100 IQ Plus Cath & Angio [A-005323]

Single Plane System
Pathfinder Software Level
Performix 160A X-Ray Tube
41 cm Digital Flat Panel Detector
41x41cm Active Area FOV
High Frequency Generator
Specified for Vascular Imaging and General Interventional Procedures
Angio Collimator
GE Innova IQ Table
8 Way Horizontal Float
3 Axis Floor Mounted L/C Configuration
+/- 95 degree L-Arm Rotation Park Capability
Coolix 4000 Closed Loop Re-Circulation Cooling System PN5115497)
Thermo-Con Detector Conditioner
Overhead Monitor Suspension Supports up to 4 LCD Monitors
Standard Innova 4100 User Interface Package
Tableside TSSC and Innova Central Touch Screen
Enabled Software Options: DSA, InRoom Browser, Simultaneous Sub/No Sub Display, InnovaCentral Touch Screen, Fluoro Store, Motorized Table, Stenosis Analysis, Left Ventricle Analysis, Worklist, Storage Commitment, Cardiac & Dynamic, Spin, Innova Chase, Bolus, StentViz, Inroom SA, Blended Roadmap, Fast Link, Augmented Calibration
When paired with a properly equipped AW Workstation the following options are also available: Innova 3D, Sub 3D, Innova CT

Large flat screen monitor in scan room pictures not included

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