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2005 Siemens Sensation 64 Slice CT [A-007864]

2005 Siemens Sensation 64 Slice CT [A-007864]

2018 8.0 MHU Straton Tube with 465,349 scan secs as of March 12 2020
One Flat Screen 18.1 Inch LCD
Software: Get_Worklist, Cap3D_Filter_SSD, Cap3D_Filter_MIP, Cap3D_Main, Cap3D_Voimode, Cardio_Pro, Cardio_Retro, Bolus_Track, CA_Score, Care_Dose, Syngo_General_License, Cap3D_Filter_VRT, Cap3D_Editor, High_Speed, Power_Tube, Cardiac_Speed_037, MPPS_Support, Volume_Workflow, Speed_033, Sensation_Cardiac64, Cap3D_Boneremoval.

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