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Siemens Perspective 128 Slice Mobile CT [A-015545]

Siemens Perspective 128 Slice Mobile CT [A-015545]

128 slice
70cm gantry bore
70cm field of view (all other vendors only offer 50cm)
Weight limit 456lbs
Detector width 38.4mm (essentially a 4cm offering)
Max scan speed of 9.6cm/sec in 0.6mm detail mode
Detector size 0.6mm
Spatial resolution 17.5lp/cm
Rotation speed 0.39s equivalent with iTrim for Coronary CTA
Coronary CTA gating capabilities
Calcium Scoring available on the system
Dose reduction software is ADMIRE, which is the highest level of model-based iterative reconstruction available
XR 29 compliant
Housed in 2004 Trailer

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