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2012 GE Optima 660 CT [A-010170]

2012 GE Optima 660 CT [A-010170]

2016 Performix 40 Plus tube 208,293,986 MAS
Saturn Detector, GTL Table, NGPDU
300 Image Series, Copy Composer, Smat Speed, ASIR, 0.4 speed, Sub 0.4 sec scan, Dynamic Z Axis Training, Connect Pro, SmartSCore Pro, VolumeViewer, 90 KVA, Overlapped Recon Axial, CardIQ SnapShot, EKG Viewer, Noise Reduction Filter, SmartStep, Organ Dose Modulation, Dynamic Transition, XT Display ECG Wave, Axial Shuttle, CardIQ Snapshot Cine

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